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“My son, Mateo, had been in at least 5 different daycares and afterschool programs only to be asked to leave and endure being bullied for being different. He was still wearing pull-ups at age 6 and had poor social skills, behavior disorder, speech and language disorder, ADD and Muscular Dystrophy. Through working here at the Arc, I realized Cisco had helped so many of our families that I decided to give Cisco Center a try and enrolled Mateo. In a matter of weeks Mateo was a very different boy. He was playing appropriately with other children, listening to directions, his speech and confidence had greatly improved and was fully potty trained. I can never repay all that Cisco and Carla and the staff did for Mateo, the community and the hundreds of kids they have helped over the years. The Cisco Center has been a blessing in my life at a time when all the other doors had closed. He is in a safe, loving environment where he can thrive as an individual.”
Pilar Williams, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator

The Arc of the Central Chesapeake Region

“When my son was 2, I was lost and I didn’t know where to turn for help.  Desperate, I carried Nicholas into Cisco Nochera’s classroom.  Nicholas was 2 years old.  Cisco pulled Nicholas out of my arms with his jovial laugh, hugged him up like he was family and a door was opened.  Cisco advocated for an augmentative communication system for my non-verbal toddler to communicate and he continues to use an augmentative device today.  Cisco advised me on everything from toilet training thru adolescence.  I owe this team so much.  Cisco and his wife Carla work magic daily for every child that enters their circle of love.”
Catherine Thomas, Severna Park, MD

“It’s such a warm, wonderful, safe place for our son to learn,” says Amy Weekley of Pasadena, whose child, John, 5, has been diagnosed with PDD-COS, a form of autism. “That’s rare in [the special-needs] field. You just walk in there, and you can feel that they love and cherish these guys.”

“I think my preschool teacher, Mr. Cisco should be given recognition for the heart and dedication he gives to his preschool students. He always makes it fun for preschoolers to learn new things. His specialty is working with special needs children and he helps them get into the fun of learning. This is why Cisco should be dedicated with this award.”

Matthew Lee

“Thank you Cisco for making an everlasting impression on our big guy and for being the incredible teacher/person you are. We are your number 1 fans. We love you and Carla!”

Celeste Lee


“It’s special education week and this is in HONOR of all the children who need a little extra help, patience, and understanding & the teachers who lift them up. To Cisco Nochera who said from the start that my non-verbal son would stand in front of his class in 2 weeks telling them what he did over the weekend…and in 2 weeks he was. You changed our lives. Thank you.” 

Janet Ramsay


“It only touches the tip of the iceberg of how grateful I am for you and your center! I am still in disbelief of how wonderful you have been! We would not be able to have Dominic if it were not for a center like yours. You are such a blessing! Thank you for all you do every day!” 

Melissa Kurzmiller


“I can not begin to thank you enough!!!! You have made it easier for me to breathe in more ways than one. Knowing that Brayden is with you all and is getting the best care possible means everything to me. Thank you SO MUCH!  You are Such a Blessing! I thank God for you and your wife everyday!” 

Kendra Liverman

I would like to say that my 2 children had a wonderful experience at the Cisco Center. They attended the pre-school program for 3 years and also attended special summer camps, art classes and soccer camps. The Special Educator, Mr. Cisco has a way with children that is unlike any other I have seen. He is compassionate, funny, and just "gets it" with all children, end especially special needs kids. Mr. Ciscos years of experience and passion for children changed our family, and I account to this day the success my son has had with his adapting to his special needs in society as well as thru his education. Our entire family was able to be a huge part of our childs learning and therapies at the center. We also learned skills as a family, how to adjust and learn to adapt to the needs of our childs development. My kids still talk about Cisco and Carla to this day. Its pretty amazing that out of all the programs my son has been in over the years, the ONLY one he ever speaks of is Mr. Cisco! It's just a special place, and the community is blessed to have this type of center, to meet the needs of our amazing children. Thank you.

Fran Sonntag

After my son was diagnosed with Autism, I was devastated and lost. The doctor just handed me a few papers about Autism and put a referral in for speech services which there was a year wait list. I was not about to wait a year to get my son the therapy he needed. After some research in the internet I found the Cisco Center. Cisco who is a Special Educator and his wife Carla who is an excellent SLP, were very welcoming. They have helped my son develop his social and communication skills. The center offers several different programs, Hanen training for parents and private speech services. If you are a parent just receiving a diagnoses for your child, the Cisco Center is a great first step.

Tracey Vest

The Cisco Center has been great for my son. He started attending when he was 3, as a supplement to ECI. He is now 8 and still goes back one Friday per month for Parent's Night Out. He is always welcomed like family and loves going back. They continue to take great interest in his development and progress. We truly feel like part of the Cisco family.

Becky Allender

The Cisco Center has been the best center for my daughter and family.
This center has helped my daughter and me to understand that no matter the condition of any child there is HOPE. Yes. HOPE. My daughter was diagnose with Autism back in July 2015 by her pediatrician I was very devastated and sad. I started doing my research on centers and schools that would be able to help me and my daughter understand her condition and how to help her. I found the Cisco Center and WOW!!!! Let me tell you since the day she started my daughter has made a 360. The Cisco center and his staff have totally change our lives completely. My daughter is now talking, singing, smiling, jumping, etc.. Now my daughter tells me mommy I LOVE YOU. Do you now what that means to a mother that was told not to expect that I LOVE YOU from her daughter? This means my world. Cisco center is all about the child's needs and also to teach the parents ways on how to help the child and you. This center cooks, sings, has speech therapies, coloring, dancing, etc.. Its clean organize and the staff is very well educated and prepare to teach and help our children. Also what i love about the center is that they include the families of the children to be part of everything. Everyday I give God thanks for putting Cisco, Carla and his staff in our lives because without this center I really don't know what my life and my daughter would of been. Thank you for everything that you have done for my family.
Do I recommend this center absolutely yes. With no doubt I will. 100%.

Milania Vargas

Our experience with the Cisco Center has been exceptional. The Cisco Center Team provides numerous academic and social programs as well as speech, occupational, sensory, picky eaters and behavioral therapy. The Team is very caring and provides one on one attention to involve the children in the programs, make friends, provide routine and build confidence. The Team is extremely knowledgeable and they can help any child with their specific needs. Parents also benefit from the Cisco Center Team because they share their individualized techniques so you can help your child too. Enough can’t be said about Cisco, Carla, Connie, Jen and the entire team. Their years of experience with special needs children makes every child shine brightly.

Jeremy Kadlec

The Cisco Center was a miracle for my son and my family. Prior to my son attending the Cisco Center, he was expelled from three other child care centers for his behavior, I was lost at what to do. Then we found the Cisco Center and I was truly amazed at the facility, and the dedication of Cisco and his staff. From when my son started at the Cisco Center and to when he started kindergarten he has done a total change with his behavior, personal growth, and social/emotional skills. Cisco and his wife Carla also his amazing staff has been there for my son but also my family with support and love. Mrs. Carla has attended meetings with the public schools for my son, Cisco has been there off hours for advice and support and his staff is has been too. We truly love the Cisco Center and I always suggest the center to families with children of special needs and also to child care centers for training of their staff with special needs children. The Cisco Center is the best!

Blair Hendrickson

My son has been attending the Cisco Center for a few years. It's always hard to find a place that you feel comfortable with leaving your child. As the parent of a special needs child, this task seems even more trying. From day one walking into the center, I knew I had found a place where not only he was comfortable, but a place where I knew he would be in the best hands. The staff is AWESOME!!! Cisco, Carla, and their staff do a tremendous job working with the kids and bringing out the best in all of them. They are a true light in our community!!

Chanda Williams

Wonderful center focused on the needs of your individual child. My son could not talk at 3yrs old and now is a fully functional (doesn't stop talking) child because of the Cisco center. 😍

Bridget Trevillian

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